Are Masks Still Necessary to Prevent Covid-19 Transmissions?

It has been more than a month since the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, announced a lift on the mask mandate. On May 17th, 2022, the government of Indonesia held a press conference stating that starting from May 18th, 2022, people are allowed to not wear masks while doing outdoor activities where there is no […]

Worrying State of Our World : 2022 Heat Wave in India and Pakistan

People using umbrellas outside during the heatwave in Kolkata

Our Earth is suffering. Two weeks ago the UN’s World Meteorological Organization published their annual report “The WMO State of the Global Climate in 2021” and stated that for the past 7 years was the warmest temperature on record. “For as long as we continue to emit greenhouse gasses, temperatures will continue to rise, sea […]

Media Coverage of the Monkeypox Outbreak as a New Wave of Racism

Recently, the outbreak of monkeypox is striking many countries in Europe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a cumulative total of 257 laboratory-confirmed cases and about 120 suspected cases as of 26 May, with Europe being the region with the most cases with 217 confirmed cases.  This spread has been highlighted by many media […]

Will Smith and the ‘Heartwarming’ Comments as an Impact of Patriarchy in Indonesia

will smith

Throwing a joke and followed by a slap, the 2022 Oscars moment became the world’s spotlight, sparking tons of debate.  “Jada, love you, G.I. Jane 2—can’t wait to see it,”  said Chris Rock, referring to the 1997 film G.I. Jane, featuring actress Demi Moore with her head shaved. Shortly after the slapping incident that ensued, […]

Mengenal Hemofilia dan Pengobatannya


Pernahkah kalian terjatuh saat sedang bermain bola atau terluka saat hendak memotong sesuatu? Saat kita terluka dan mengalami pendarahan, luka akan berhenti dalam waktu yang relatif singkat yaitu sekitar 2 hingga 6 menit. Namun, bagi penderita hemofilia, proses berhentinya pendarahan bisa terjadi dalam waktu yang lebih lama yaitu sekitar 10 menit. Hemofilia adalah penyakit kelainan […]

Russia vs Ukraine : Backlash in the Esport Scene

Russia vs Ukraine : Backlash in the Esport Scene

On the 24th of February, Russia announced a special military operation in Ukraine. The military operation started in Eastern Ukraine’s Donbas. This invasion has an immensely negative effect on both sides in the political, economical, and social aspects. As a result, Russia faced international condemnation on many aspects, including the competitive esport establishment. They got […]

NFT : Actually Sustainable?

In 2022, the world was shaken by a term that has entered everybody’s everyday vocabulary: NFTs. Everyone seems to be talking about NFTs and how people make a lot of money by buying, selling, and creating it. Some people look at the concept of NFT and see it as the future of everything. Songs, artworks, […]