Are Masks Still Necessary to Prevent Covid-19 Transmissions?

A woman in a public transportation wearing a mask It has been more than a month since the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, announced a lift on the mask mandate.…

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Concerts in Jakarta in the Midst of the Pandemic: Are We Coexisting With Covid-19?

The announcements of HITC Jakarta and Justin Bieber Justice World Tour in Jakarta. (Twitter/@88rising, At the end of last March, music fans were shocked by the announcement of two…

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What to do Selama Isolasi Mandiri

(ilustrasi isolasi mandiri. Sumber: Tak dapat dipungkiri kalau situasi Indonesia belum bisa disebut aman. Virus Covid-19 masih terus merajai udara negeri khatulistiwa ini, bahkan di tahun 2021 ini, virus…

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