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This sounds quite ridiculous but having a crush on someone is not always a bad thing. It is fun, rushing, and wonderful. It is almost like you are drinking a slushie in the middle of a sunny day. It is great and perfect for the moment. However, there may come a sudden storm that ruins your sunny day, that is the thought of: “do they like me back?”

It is wonderful yet worrisome at the same time. You may like the rush and at the same time you hate it. There is no in-between and that is the art of having a crush. This comes to the realization that having a crush on someone makes us daydream about how they are perfect and we want to do many things with them. This so-called scenario in our head sometimes makes us fall in love with the idea of that certain person. You barely know the person, yet why are we head over heels for them?

That is another thing about the art of having a crush, that it is not logical. No matter how much you try to come up with a love formula, you can’t. As it just occurs naturally without us noticing, there is no formula for how we fall for someone. Some people may have tried to make a mathematical formulation of love, but can we apply it in the real world? However, we do know that there is a hormone that controls our reaction to affection–Oxytocin. With much complexity, oxytocin only covers some part of this crazy little thing called having a crush.

So, what is the art of having a crush? The answers might vary from one another, as everyone’s experience differs, too. Nevertheless, this article will share some people’s experiences in the state of having a crush.


What does having a crush mean?

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A crush is often associated with romantic feelings, but it is not always romantic. An expert explained that crushes aren’t always romantic, it is often revealed as a desire to connect with other people on a deeper level.

That’s just what an expert has to say about crushes, but what about those who have crushes themselves? Therefore, this article gathered some people to tell us their stories about what it is like to have a crush on someone.


What does having a crush mean to you?

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Some people define having a crush on someone as liking and being attracted to a certain person. AC, a student from the Faculty of Psychology, explained that for her, having a crush is not only about being into a certain someone but also about finally having a reason to be happy that day.

“If I think about it again, the thing that I like about having a crush on someone is that it’s easier for me to be happy. It is like even the smallest and simplest thing, such as eye contact, having small talk with him,  accidentally sitting beside each other in class, or anything else will keep me smiling throughout the night. I mean, if I like someone I’m not asking for anything big, so even just seeing the person in the class will cheer me up throughout the day,” she explained the reason for her previous answer.

If there is good in everything, there should be bad in everything too. AC also shared that the thing she dislikes about having a crush is that since she never asks for anything, she often finds herself in a bad mood because she never wants to make the first move due to her ego.

Then, what about AC’s ending after having a feeling for her special someone? She shared, “The last time I had a crush on someone, it went well. In fact, it went very well! At first, it was only a small crush until one time we spent a lot of time together on campus and I found myself really into him. Since I’m the type of person who doesn’t make the first move, weirdly enough, he was the one who made the first move. So, it was really smooth because I like him and he likes me, so we ended up getting together!”

AC’s story might sound like a beautiful ending that most people are craving. A reality of a perfect scenario, a dream to some. However, for F, a student from the Economics and Business Faculty, the ending of her journey on being fond of someone took a unique twist.

F interpreted the definition of having a crush simply as liking someone. Just like AC, what F enjoyed the most is the feeling of being happy when she sees her crush. When she answered the question of what she dislikes the most about having a crush on someone, she said, “When I can’t reach the person.”

“I like a person in my major and he is the type of person that’s very hard to stalk. So, an idea to befriend his close friend popped into my mind. When there is an open recruitment for the Student Association in my major, I signed up for the department where he could possibly be in. Apparently, he didn’t sign up for the Student Association but his close friend did and he’s in the same department as mine. That means I have more chances to be close to his friend in order to obtain more information about my crush. His friend and I got really close all thanks to the Student Association to the point that there is a rumor about us dating each other. My plan was indeed successful because I knew so many things about my crush through his friend.”

She continued, “One day, I hung out with his friend and somehow my crush went too. When we were about to go back, his friend offered me a ride, then my crush sent his friend a, ‘Good luck PDKT-nya!’. I was about to say, ‘But I like you, though?’ but I hesitated. Well, it’s quite risky if his friend knew I was actually into my crush. Until this moment, I’m still not able to be close to my crush. Another thing that I’m worried about is I’m afraid I will catch feelings for his friend, ending up with the wrong target instead.”



This article only shared a very small scale of people’s stories when they are in love. There are thousands–millions–of other stories that haven’t been covered. Be it a “Today Was A Fairytale” by Taylor Swift kind of crush or even makes you wonder the way “Do You Like Me” by Daniel Caesar does, every song you associate with your situation will be a unique set of experiences that belongs to you. After all, the laughs, cries, happiness, sadness, contradictory experiences are the art of having a crush.


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